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Learn how to play Avalon, a Houston boardgame classic.

Discovering Avalon: A Staple Among Houston Boardgames Enthusiasts

In the diverse scene of Houston tabletop games, Avalon stands out as a beloved classic that brings together intrigue, strategy, and social deduction in a compelling package. Known officially as "The Resistance: Avalon," this game plunges players into a battle between the forces of Good and Evil, where deception, trust, and betrayal turn each session into a gripping narrative. Its popularity in Houston and beyond stems not just from its engaging gameplay but also from the way it fosters interaction and deduction among players. This article explores what makes Avalon a favorite in the Houston boardgames community, providing a guide on how to navigate its challenges and emerge victorious.


What is Avalon and What Makes it a Houston Boardgame Classic?

Avalon is a game designed for 5 to 10 players, where participants assume the roles of loyal servants of Arthur fighting against minions of Mordred. The game is set in the legendary world of King Arthur’s Camelot, but no knowledge of Arthurian legends is required to dive into its gameplay. Avalon is not just about luck; it's about reading people, strategizing with limited information, and sometimes, deceiving others to achieve your objectives. Players cherish Avalon for its depth and the dynamic social interactions it encourages. Each game is unique, driven by the personalities and decisions of the players involved, making it a highly replayable favorite among fans of Houston boardgames.


How Houston Boardgame Enthusiasts Enjoy Avalon

Setting Up

  • Roles Distribution: At the start of the game, players are secretly given characters aligning with either Good (the loyal servants of Arthur) or Evil (the minions of Mordred). Among the Good characters, one player is Merlin, who knows the identity of all evil players but must keep this information secret. Among the Evil characters, one is the Assassin, tasked with identifying Merlin at the game's conclusion to win for the evil side.
  • Game Structure: The game consists of several rounds, each including team selection, a mission proposal, and a mission execution phase.

Team Selection and Mission Proposal

  • Leadership and Team Selection: Each round starts with a leader who proposes a team of players to carry out a mission. The number of players required per mission varies and is known to all players.
  • Vote on the Proposal: All players, including those not selected for the team, vote on whether to approve the team proposed by the leader. If the majority votes yes, the mission proceeds; if no, leadership passes to the next player.

Mission Execution

  • Success or Sabotage: Players on the mission receive success and failure cards. Good players must always choose success, while Evil players may choose either, though they often select failure to sabotage the mission.
  • Outcome Determination: The cards are shuffled and revealed. If even one failure card appears (in most cases), the mission fails, tipping the balance towards Evil’s victory.

Winning the Game

  • Majority Rules: The first side (Good or Evil) to achieve three successful missions wins the game. However, if Evil fails three missions but the Assassin correctly identifies Merlin at the game's end, Evil wins regardless of the missions' outcomes.


Experience Avalon, A Social Boardgame Gateway That's Easy to Learn

Avalon is more than just a game; it's a test of wits, trust, and strategy that has cemented its place as a cornerstone of the Houston boardgames landscape. Whether you're deducing the truth as Merlin, plotting in secrecy as a minion of Mordred, or trying to unmask deception as a loyal servant of Arthur, Avalon promises a thrilling experience every time. Embrace the challenge, gather your friends, and step into the legendary world of Avalon, where your deductive skills and strategic thinking will decide the fate of Camelot. Perfect for game nights and social gatherings, Avalon remains a cherished classic that brings people together in the spirit of adventure and camaraderie.