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Dixit cards showcasing its art style.

Beginner's Guide to Playing Dixit: A Staple of Austin's Tabletop Gaming Scene

In the heart of Austin’s tabletop gaming scene, where culture and creativity flourish, Dixit holds a special place among Austin board gamers. Known for its whimsical art and simple yet profound gameplay, Dixit stands out as one of the Austin classic boardgames that brings people together through storytelling and imagination. This beginner’s guide will help you dive into the world of Dixit, making it a favorite in your collection of Austin boardgames.


What is Dixit, a Classic Austin Boardgame?

Dixit is a card-based storytelling Austin game designed for 3 to 6 players. Each player takes turns being the storyteller, while the others guess which card the storyteller has chosen based on a clue given in the form of a sentence, phrase, song, or even a sound. The game is celebrated for its beautiful, dreamlike illustrations that inspire creativity and interpretation.


Dixit’s Boardgame Components

 84 Cards: Each card features unique, abstract illustrations.

  • Scoreboard: Tracks each player’s progress throughout the game.
  • Voting Tokens: Numbered tokens for players to vote on which card they believe the storyteller described.
  • Rabbit Meeples: Wooden pieces that players move along the scoreboard to represent their scores.


Setting Up a Game of Dixit

  • Prepare the Scoreboard: Place the scoreboard in the center where all players can reach.
  • Distribute Voting Tokens: Give each player a set of voting tokens corresponding to the number of players.
  • Deal the Cards: Shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards to each player. Keep your cards hidden from other players.


How to Play Dixit, an Austin Boardgame Favorite

The Role of the Storyteller

Each round, a different player assumes the role of the storyteller. The game begins with the first storyteller selecting one card from their hand and thinking of a clue that can be linked to the illustration on the card. This clue should be obscure enough to avoid being too obvious but clear enough to guide others towards the intended card.


Storytelling and Guessing

  • Giving the Clue: The storyteller announces their clue without revealing their card.
  • Choosing Cards: The other players select cards from their hands that best match the storyteller’s clue and hand them to the storyteller face down.
  • Shuffling and Displaying Cards: The storyteller shuffles all received cards, including their own, and lays them out face up.
  • Voting: Each player (except the storyteller) guesses which card was the storyteller’s by placing their voting token face down on the table. Players should try to guess correctly while also misleading others to choose their card instead.


Scoring Points

  • If all players find the storyteller’s card, or if no one does, the storyteller scores 0, and others score 2 points.
  • If at least one player, but not all, find the storyteller’s card, the storyteller and those who found the correct card each score 3 points.
  • Players also score 1 point for every vote their own submitted cards receive from other players, encouraging creativity in matching the clue.


Moving Forward

After scoring, players draw cards to return their hands to 6 cards, and the role of storyteller passes to the next player. The process repeats until the deck is exhausted or a set number of rounds have been played, as agreed by the players.


Winning the Game

The game ends when each player has been the storyteller a certain number of times or when the deck runs out of cards. The player with the highest score on the scoreboard is declared the winner.


Tips for New Players of Austin Boardgame Dixit

  • Be Creative: Your clues can be straightforward, poetic, or entirely metaphorical. The beauty of Dixit lies in how differently each card can be interpreted.
  • Know Your Audience: Tailor your clue based on how well you know the other players and their thinking patterns.
  • Enjoy the Art: Part of Dixit’s charm is the artwork; let it inspire your clues and interpretations.


Do Not Miss Out on This Austin Boardgame All-Time Favorite!

Dixit is more than just a game; it’s a journey into a whimsical, imaginative landscape that’s perfectly suited for the diverse and artistic vibe of Austin. Whether you’re gathering with friends or meeting new people, Dixit promises a delightful blend of laughter, creativity, and challenge, making it a cherished part of Austin boardgames.