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Dallas MTG's Modern Horizons 3 is upon us.

Modern Horizons 3 Cards About to Warp Dallas MTG

Modern Horizons 3 is upon us, bringing with it a host of new cards specifically designed for the Dallas MTG Modern format. The previous installments, Modern Horizons 1 and 2, significantly shook up the meta with game-changing cards like MH1’s Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis and MH2’s Evoke Elementals. With the release of Modern Horizons 3 for Dallas MTG, many are eager to see how these new additions will impact the Modern format. Let’s delve into the leaked cards and explore how they might alter the landscape of Modern gameplay.


Flare of Denial

Flare of Denial is a 3-mana, non-conditional counterspell, a straightforward and powerful tool for controlling the game. What sets this card apart is its alternative casting cost: by sacrificing a non-token blue creature, you can cast Flare of Denial for free. This makes it a highly versatile and strategic addition to any deck. This mechanic is a clear homage to one of Magic: The Gathering’s most iconic cards, Force of Will, and its more recent counterpart, Force of Negation. Both of these cards are pivotal in blue decks for their ability to maintain control and respond to threats without the need for mana.

Flare MH3 Dallas MTG

Flare of Denial's alternative cost will likely benefit several archetypes within blue-based strategies. Mono-blue tempo decks, which rely on maintaining board presence while disrupting the opponent, will find this card particularly useful. It allows for aggressive play while still holding a counterspell in reserve. Creature-centric blue decks, such as Merfolk and Spirits, also stand to gain significantly. These decks often field numerous blue creatures, providing ample fodder for Flare of Denial's alternative cost, thus enhancing their ability to counter threats without slowing down their offensive momentum.

Force MH3 Dallas MTG

Control decks, known for their heavy reliance on counterspells and board control, will appreciate Flare of Denial's flexibility. In scenarios where mana is tight, the ability to counter a crucial spell by sacrificing a creature can be game-changing. This is especially relevant in late-game situations where maintaining control over the battlefield is crucial.

Negation MH3 Dallas MTG


Harbinger of the Seas

While we're on the topic of blue-based creature decks, it becomes evident that our next card, Harbinger of the Seas, is designed to push the semi-competitive archetype of Merfolk into a more prominent position. Harbinger of the Seas is a 3-mana 2/2 Merfolk Wizard with a powerful static ability that transforms all nonbasic lands into Islands. This effect is reminiscent of cards like Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon, which are notorious for punishing decks with greedy and complex mana bases, such as Tron and Domain Zoo.

Magus MH3 Dallas MTG

Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon have long been staples in red decks for their ability to disrupt opponents' strategies by turning their nonbasic lands into Mountains. This disruption is particularly effective against decks that rely on a variety of nonbasic lands to access multiple colors or specific utility lands. Similarly, Harbinger of the Seas can cripple decks that depend heavily on nonbasic lands for their mana fixing and strategic advantages, but it does so in a way that is tailored to blue and Merfolk strategies.

Blood MH3 Dallas MTG

By transforming nonbasic lands into Islands, Harbinger of the Seas offers a unique form of land disruption that benefits blue decks. This effect not only hampers the opponent's mana base but also synergizes perfectly with cards that have Islandwalk, a common ability among Merfolk that allows them to become unblockable if the opponent controls an Island. This makes Harbinger of the Seas a potent tool for ensuring that your Merfolk creatures can bypass blockers and deal direct damage to the opponent.

Will Harbinger of the Seas finally be the key card that will push Merfolk into meta deck status or will other fringe decks come out of the wood work post-Modern Horizons 3?


Kappa Cannoneer

Kappa Cannoneer is certainly one of the most hyped cards in Modern Horizons that will likely redefine artifact strategies in the Modern format. This 4/4 blue artifact creature, costing 6 mana, is packed with abilities that make it a formidable addition to any deck. One of the most noteworthy features of Kappa Cannoneer is its Improvise ability. Improvise allows you to tap your artifacts to help pay for its mana cost, significantly reducing the effective cost of casting it. In decks that are already rich with artifacts, this means Kappa Cannoneer can be cast much earlier than its 6 mana would typically allow, enabling it to hit the battlefield and start impacting the game sooner.

Kappa MH3 Dallas MTG

Kappa Cannoneer is equipped with Ward 4, an ability that makes it incredibly resilient to targeted removal. Ward 4 requires opponents to pay an additional 4 mana whenever they target it with spells or abilities. This steep cost makes it challenging for opponents to efficiently deal with Kappa Cannoneer, providing it with a layer of protection that is critical in maintaining its presence on the battlefield. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Kappa Cannoneer is its triggered ability. Whenever an artifact enters the battlefield under your control, Kappa Cannoneer gains a +1/+1 counter and becomes unblockable until end of turn. This ability not only makes Kappa Cannoneer grow stronger with each artifact you play but also ensures it can bypass blockers, making it a consistent source of damage. In an artifact-heavy deck, this means Kappa Cannoneer can quickly escalate in power and deliver lethal blows to your opponent.

Murktide MH3 Dallas MTG

Is Kappa Cannoneer the new Murktide Regent of Dallas MTG Modern? Quite possibly so!


Anticipate These Cards that Will Warp Dallas MTG’s Modern Format!

With Dallas MTG’s Modern Horizons 3 on the horizon, the anticipation and excitement within the Magic: The Gathering community are palpable. The previous sets, Modern Horizons 1 and 2, introduced cards that significantly shifted the meta. As the community and players around the globe begin to explore and integrate these new cards, the landscape of Modern gameplay will undoubtedly evolve. These powerful additions promise to bring fresh strategies and reinvigorate old archetypes, ensuring that the Modern format remains dynamic and engaging. Whether you're part of the Dallas tabletop games scene or a player from another corner of the world, Modern Horizons 3 is set to leave a lasting mark.