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Modern Horizons 3 introduces new cars to Houston MTG's Modern format.

Modern Horizons 3 Cards About to Shake Houston MTG

In the competitive and fast-paced Modern format of Houston MTG, the release of Modern Horizons 3 is making waves across the local Houston trading card games scenes. This new set introduces several impactful cards that promise to redefine existing strategies and introduce fresh dynamics to the game. Among these standout cards are Victimize, Nethergoyf, and Warren Soultrader, each bringing unique abilities that cater to various deck archetypes, specifically decks that have graveyard interaction. As we discuss into these cards, we'll explore their potential to shake up the Houston MTG Modern format and influence its competitive gameplay.


Victimize is Modern Horizon 3’s new addition to an already competitive suite of creature recursion tools commonly referred to as “Reanimators”. For a surprisingly low cost of 3 mana, and the need to sacrifice a creature, its caster can directly put into play two target creatures from their graveyard, which is more than par for the course as reanimators go. Dallas MTG players will also be quick to notice that the creature that must be sacrificed need not be a non-token.

Houston MTG Archon

Evidently, this card can easily be utilized by token creature-based decks provided that they have significant pay off creatures in their graveyard. Evoke Elementals and Archon of Cruelty from Modern Horizons 2 are also prime targets for victimize, as well as Bloodbraid Elf. If setup right, Bloodbraid Elf’s Cascade ability can cast Victimize, whilst also serving as the fodder for its sacrifice requirement.

Houston MTG Bloodbraid



Houston MTG Tarmo

As wide as graveyard-dependent strategies go, decks ‘Goyfs are not usually considered as part of them. What makes ‘Goyf, specifically Tarmogoyf, insanely strong (at least back in the early days of modern) is the raw power it brings for a measly cost of two mana. Tarmogoyf is a 2 to cast creature with a power and toughness of */*+1. Its power and toughness are equal to the number of card types among cards in all graveyard. In essence, Tarmogoyf becomes large quickly as a result of players playing the game of magic. It is not uncommon to see 5/6 ‘Goyfs by turn two or three in a game of Modern, which explains how it has dominated the format for quite some time. More and more efficient removal spells that got included in the Modern format over time as well as a critical mass of graveyard hate resulted in the erosion of Tarmogoyf’s dominance of the format. All of this talk about Tarmogoyf, however, sets the stage for our breakdown of a new ‘Goyf that will be introduced by Modern Horizons 3, the Nethergoyf.

Houston MTG Nethergoyf

Nethergoy is a 1 to cast */*+1 creature whose power and toughness is equal to all the card types in your graveyard. While only considering the controller’s, graveyard is a downgrade; there is, however, one significant improvement, it costs 1 mana less than Tarmogoyf. Nethergoyf was also slapped an additional ability: Escape. By paying 3 mana and exiling four card types, you can play Nethergoyf from your graveyard. Will it be good enough to slot in to Death Shadow Players? What Dredge decks or red-black delirium decks?

Houston MTG Shadow


Warren Soultrader

Houston MTG Artist

Warren Soultrader is a 3 to cast 3/3 Zombie Goblin Wizard creature that has a unique ability which reads, “Pay 1 life, sacrifice another creature: Create a treasure token.” Modern pundits are quick to point out that this creates an infinite combo with Gravecrawler and Blood Artist. You can cast Gravecrawler from you’re your graveyard as long as you control a zombie, a condition that the Warren satisfies. It is also quite convenient that you can use the treasure token Warren Soultrader puts into play to pay for Graverobber. Blood Artist, on the other hand, gains its controller 1 life and causes target player to lose 1 life when a creature dies. When Blood Artist is in play, the life loss by activating Warren’s ability is offset by the life gain, and the corresponding opponent’s loss of life is your win condition.

Houston MTG Gravecrawler

Aside from this 3-card combo, there is still a lot of potential shenanigans arising from the card draw and mana generating ability of Warren Soultrader. Do not sleep on this card as deck brewers will probably find a way to break this card.


Watch Out for These Cards That Will Shake Houston MTG’s Modern Format!

The introduction of cards like Victimize, Nethergoyf, and Warren Soultrader in Modern Horizons 3 brings exciting new possibilities to the Houston MTG community. These cards not only offer fresh strategies for players but also have the potential to shake up the beloved Houston trading card games meta. As players experiment with these powerful new additions, they will undoubtedly discover innovative ways to integrate them into existing decks or build entirely new archetypes. With Modern Horizons 3, the landscape of Houston tabletop game is set for a thrilling evolution, promising a dynamic and engaging experience for all Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts.