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A hero of Austin MTG's Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

The Top 10 Cards with Potential for Pauper Format in Austin MTG's Outlaws of Thunder Junction

 The Pauper format holds a special place, as Austin MTG's most accessible format. Known for its affordability and the creative deck-building it encourages, Pauper utilizes only cards released at the common rarity. The latest set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction, has introduced a series of new cards that are stirring interest among enthusiasts of Austin tabletop games, Austin MTG, and other Austin trading card games alike. Here’s a look at the top 10 cards from this set that show significant potential in the Pauper format.


1. Armored Armadillo

This resilient creature offers exceptional defense capabilities, making it a robust addition to any Austin MTG Pauper deck focused on outlasting the opponent. Its ability to block multiple creatures enhances its utility in the format, where controlling the board is crucial. As a 0/4 one to cast creature, it stops early aggression with its relatively high toughness and low casting cost. Towards the midgame, it becomes a potent offensive creature due to its ability which grants it additional power based on its toughness.


2. Highway Robbery

A spell that disrupts the opponent's mana while providing a slight life swing, Highway Robbery could redefine control strategies in Austin MTG Pauper. Aggro and burn players are familiar with the feeling of their deck running out of gas. Highway Robbery is not just your ordinary draw spell. By discarding a card or sacrificing a land, you can exchange excess resources to draw you two cards toward that lethal burn damage. Its plot ability also allows you to utilize unused mana, ensuring that you do not lose out on tempo. This card allows aggro and burn players to utilize their resources efficiently and  provides reach in the midgame and endgame, making it a valuable tool for said decks in the Austin MTG scene.


3. Seize the Secrets

In a format where card advantage is king, Seize the Secrets shines by offering an efficient draw mechanism. This card allows players to dig deeper into their deck for answers or threats, pivotal for the often-grinding matches in Austin MTG Pauper.  Its cost-reducing requirement is fairly easy to meet as countering a spell is considered a crime. Seize the Secrets, then easily slots into a tempo-based strategy or a more grindy control control shell.


4. Holy Cow

Holy Cow is a three to cast 2/2 flying creature with flash that gains its controller two life when it comes to play as well as triggers scry 1. This is a pauper all star given all the things you get for three mana. As a creature that provides incremental life gain and draw-fixing scry ability, Holy Cow can be a cornerstone in life-based control or midrange decks. Its consistent performance in prolonged games makes it a potential favorite for Austin MTG Pauper players.


5. Mystical Tether

Mystical Tether harkens back to the old days where Oblivion Ring reigned supreme. It offers the same effect of exiling an opponent's target artifact or creature for three mana with an option of doing it in instant speed for an additional two mana. This flexible removal tool can handle most threats Pauper decks throw down. Mystical Tether's ability to neutralize an opponent's key creature or artifact adds strategic depth to decks, allowing Austin MTG Pauper players to adapt to evolving board states dynamically.


6. Desert Lands

In a format where mana stability is essential, Outlaws of Thunder Junction's  cycle of desert Lands offers a reliable fixing option. While these "poor man's dual lands" come into play tapped, representing a one-turn tempo loss, they are an efficient source of dual-colored mana. For no extra cost, it also deals one damage to your opponent that cannot be countered. This common land supports multicolored decks, expanding the possibilities for deck-building in Austin MTG's competitive Pauper landscape.


7. Mourner's Surprise

This instant card provides surprise interaction by enabling graveyard recursion or sudden creature buffs. For the low cost of two mana, Mourner's Surprise brings back target creature card from your graveyard to your hand. It also comes with a 1/1 Mercenary creature that has the ability to pump any creature's power by one. Mourner's Surprise's versatility in responding to threats or capitalizing on graveyard strategies makes it a powerful pick for Austin’s trading card games.


8. Vault Plunderer

Vault Plunderer is an aggressively-costed 3/1 creature for three mana that replaces itself with its card-drawing ability as it comes into play. This card is perfect for aggro decks as its applies pressure and ensures you do not run out of gas. A card that rewards players for engaging in combat, Vault Plunderer can quickly become a threat if unchecked. Its ability to scale in power based on the game's progress aligns well with the aggressive strategies favored in some Austin MTG Pauper formats.


9. Ravel of Fell Omens

Raven of Fell Omens offer utility and consistency, enhancing creature-based and control strategies respectively. As a 1/2 creature with flying for two mana, it holds its own against other creatures in the format. However, what's interesting is its triggered ability that causes your opponents to lose a life and you to gain a life whenever you commit a crime. This has promising applications in grindier control decks as a way to stabilize in the early game and an eventual win condition. 


10. Razzle-Dazzler

Razzle-Dazzler is a two to cast 1/2 creature that grows permanently and becomes unblockable whenever you cast your second spell. This can easily become the center of a spells matter deck that focuses on protecting Razzle-Dazzler and attacking unblock-able for huge damage. Razzle-Dazzler, with its unique battlefield effects, provides creative deck builders in Austin MTG with an experimental tool that could lead to innovative new decks.


Impact on Austin MTG’s Pauper Scene

These cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction are poised to make significant impacts on the Pauper format, each bringing new strategies or enhancing existing ones. Austin's vibrant community, known for its enthusiastic engagement with MTG, is the perfect incubator for testing these cards' limits and integrating them into competitive play.


Break the Austin MTG Pauper Format with These New Cards!

As players in Austin continue to explore and optimize these new additions, the local meta is expected to evolve, potentially setting new trends for Pauper decks globally. The strategic diversity and financial accessibility of Pauper, combined with the fresh tactical options presented by these cards, ensure that Austin MTG remains an exciting and inclusive field for both newcomers and seasoned players. In conclusion, whether you're looking to disrupt the meta with innovative new strategies or enhance your existing deck, the latest cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction offer promising potential for reshaping Pauper play in Austin. As the community delves into this new set, the landscape of Austin tabletop games is set for a thrilling transformation, continuing to cement its place as a hub of strategic and competitive card gaming.