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Houston MTG cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction perfect for the modern format.

The Top 8 Most Useful Cards for Modern in Houston MTG's Outlaws of Thunder Junction

The Houston MTG Modern format remains a popular and highly competitive arena within the landscape of Houston tabletop games and Houston trading card games. With the release of the new set, Outlaws of Thunder Junction, the Modern scene has been invigorated by a series of powerful new cards. Each card brings fresh strategies and synergies to the table, reshaping the meta and offering exciting new options for deck builders. Here’s a breakdown of the top 8 most useful cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction for Modern play in Houston MTG.


Outlaws of Thunder Junction Cards Redefining Houston MTG Modern

Jace Reawakened

This new iteration of Jace offers unparalleled versatility and control capabilities, making it an instant favorite in blue-based control decks.  Of note is its static ability which bars its controller from casting it in YOUR first three turns. Houston MTG Modern deck brewers were quick to notice that Jace Reawakaned can be casted on any of the opponent's turn provided you can give it flash. Jace, Reawakened excels in card draw, disruption, and providing game-winning advantage through its ultimate ability. Watch out for possible combos and other shenanigans ushered by this latest Jace variant. Its introduction into Houston MTG Modern has provided blue mages in Houston with a potent new tool for dictating the pace of the game.

 Houston MTG Jace


Duelist of the Mind

Duelist of the Mind is a two to cast */3 with flying and vigilance whose power is equal to the number of cards you have drawn this turn. Most of the time it is a 1/3 creature with flying and vigilance but its second ability that allows its controller to loot pumps itself by one whenever you commit a crime. Other drawing actions, which is abundant in its native blue color, also makes it a bigger threat. This creature is quickly becoming a staple in Houston MTG Modern spell-heavy decks, particularly those focusing on instants and sorceries. Duelist of the Mind not only boosts the power of spell casts but also offers card selection each time an instant or sorcery is played, ensuring that players can maintain momentum and access the right resources at critical moments.

Houston MTG Duelist 


Slickshot Show-off

Aggro Houston MTG Modern decks have found a powerful new ally in Slickshot Show-off. Slickshot Show-Off is also a two-mana creature with flying and haste. It has a triggered ability that pumps its power by two whenever you cast a non-creature spell as well as an to have it plotted, allowing its player to set it up for a huge payoff. This card offers a rapid, aggressive start and scales as the game progresses, making it particularly deadly in matchups where speed is paramount. Its prowess in dealing with multiple threats simultaneously makes it a formidable addition to any red deck.

Houston MTG Slickshot 


Smuggler’s Surprise

Smuggler's Surprise is indeed a bag of tricks, benefitting a Houston MTG color that is not popular for instant-speed shenanigans. As a modular card, drawing Smuggler's Suprise at any point in the game remains relevant. It allows you to mill towards needed land or key creatures, cheat two creature cards into play, and grant your 4-power creatures hexproof and indestructible. With this flexibility, you have multiple uses for this card in any part of the game. Surprise tactics and resource disruption are at the heart of Smuggler’s Surprise. This instant allows players to disrupt opponent's mana bases and spells, providing a strategic edge by delaying opponents' plans and protecting key plays. It's especially useful in Houston MTG Modern’s competitive scene, where mana efficiency and timing can dictate the outcome of a match.

Houston MTG Smugglers 


Sword of Wealth and Power

An artifact that resonates well with Houston’s diverse MTG Modern strategies, Sword of Wealth and Power grants equipped creatures significant stat boosts and dual benefits upon dealing combat damage to a player. Sword of Wealth and Power grants equipped creature protection from instants and sorceries, which blanks virtually all removal from the Houston MTG Modern format. Its triggered ability, which procs when equipped creature deals combat damage, accelerates your mana by providing a treasure token and copies your next spell for free. This effect can be downright oppressive in the hands of a skilled Modern player. This card’s flexibility and power make it a valuable equipment in a variety of Modern decks, from aggro to midrange.

 Houston MTG Sword


Pest Control

Pest Control answers one of Houston MTG Modern’s persistent challenges: efficiently dealing with swarms of smaller creatures. This card provides an effective and reusable solution for clearing the board, making it a must-have for decks that struggle against token strategies or creature-heavy builds.

Houston MTG Pest 


Lost Jitte

Echoing the legacy of its namesake, Lost Jitte is potent in its ability to swing combat in your favor. By accumulating and spending charge counters, it offers modular benefits, including creature buffing, opponent creature weakening, and life gain. Its versatility makes it especially useful in creature-based combat strategies prevalent in Houston MTG’s Modern games.

 Houston MTG Jitte


Harvester of Misery

A new favorite among black deck players, Harvester of Misery provides consistent life drain and creature destruction, disrupting opponent’s board presence while maintaining your life total. It’s particularly effective in longer, grindy matches, commonly seen in Houston MTG’s Modern tournaments, where resilience can lead to victory.

Houston MTG Harvester 


Impact on Houston’s MTG Modern Scene

These cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction have already started to make their mark on the Houston MTG scene, appearing in tournament-winning decks and casual play alike. Each card offers something unique, whether it’s enhancing existing deck archetypes or inspiring completely new strategies. For enthusiasts and competitive players alike in Houston, these cards represent exciting opportunities to innovate and excel within the Modern format. Outlaws of Thunder Junction has brought a fresh wave of tactical diversity to Houston’s MTG landscape. As players continue to explore and integrate these cards into their decks, the strategic complexity and enjoyment of Modern gameplay are sure to grow, reinforcing Houston's status as a vibrant hub for competitive and casual Houston trading card games.